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At my campus, we also use WeVideo to broadcast our daily news. When the students are in school, it is part of our LIVE broadcast by creating an intro that we imported into Google Slides. However, right now, we use WeVideo to send out a recorded broadcast. The community loves seeing our kids. We simply assign roles, the kids create their “segment” at home, import it and the editor compiles all the videos to make a broadcast. The kids are 100% in charge and have done an AMAZING JOB with it!


I’m glad to hear that it’s working! We’re moving from a live format to a recorded format. I think it’s going to open up new creative avenues for students and allow us to provide stories that we weren’t able to in the live format. I’m newly in charge of it, so maybe I’m naive, but I think it will be awesome and great fun.

Hi Amanda,

We’ve been doing a combination live weekly broadcast at our middle school for a few years and I’ve been in charge of them for the past 4. I’ve been using WeVideo for the past 3 years and quite a bit of difference to have all of the students able to edit on their own. Prior to that, we had 8 iMacs with Final Cut Pro X, so would rotate the teams. The opening/end credits and story segments are all prerecorded and then introduced live by our “anchors” from our distance learning room in the library that can broadcast out to all of the classroom.

I’d love to see what you’ve done…I’m always looking for new ideas to incorporate!

If you’re interested in checking our out, I have them link here: https://www.flushingschools.org/Page/8366

Lynda Gibson
Flushing Middle School

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Thanks for sharing, Lynda! My kids are all 5th graders and we use Facebook and WeVideo to broadcast daily. The kids run all the equipment from switchboards to cameras. They are amazing and have a lot of fun doing it. This is our link to Facebook and if you’d like to chat, I’d love that! The most recent posts are from our admin right now but if you scroll back to Jan/Feb you can see our live broadcast. =)


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I posted this in a new topic, because this one has been idle for a while-- but just in case any of you see it: What tool are you using for LIVE broadcasting in your schools? TIA!

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i will try to use this in broadcasting or even in podcasts, think students would loved to learn new softwares so that they can be more flexible and have options in creating broadcasts.